The Communication Center is responsible for handling EMS calls and making critical decisions related to serious and life threatening emergencies including the dispatch of ambulance and EMS personnel and effectively alerting such personnel with specific information related to the emergency situation while the crew is en route responding to the call. The Communication Specialist has to have specialized training and equipment to carry out these responsibilities. They are trained and utilize the computer based Emergency Medical Dispatch protocol system that aids in determining the nature of the emergency and the resources necessary for the situation. The protocols also provide the instructions to be given to the caller for rendering some emergency medical aid prior to arrival of emergency medical services personnel. 


Other responsibilities of the Communications Center include :

•    Initiate the calls (tones) that alert volunteers and Fire Department command. 
  personnel related to fire and medical calls.
•    Monitoring responding personnel utilizing the internet based “I am Responding” 
•    Notifying and coordinating all Lifestar responses.
•    Acting as the single dispatch point for Regional Task Force
•    Monitoring a state-of-the-art alarm system that transmits fire alarms, carbon 
   monoxide detectors, energy-management systems, etc., from
   numerous locations including all Cromwell schools, Cromwell Town Hall and
   Library Complex, churches and commercial structures throughout the town of
   Cromwell, as well as all of the Cromwell Fire District properties.
•    Receiving calls for emergency or critical situations involving the District’s Water
   Division. This includes reports of water main leaks, accidents involving hydrant
   damage and other emergencies that may impact the operation and security of
   the Districts water supply and distribution system.
•    Monitoring all of the Districts security systems on a 24/7 basis.