2005 CFD Awards Banquet

The Court Yard Marriot put on a delicious buffet for the assembled members and guests.  Bartolotta's Florist provided complimentary corsages for the ladies, and DJ Bill Duncan once again provided the evening's music. Banquet Coordinators Dick Loza and Doug Logan and their committee planned an enjoyable and memorable celebration.

Past Chief and current Fire District Commissioner Don Swanson offered a moving prayer of thanks for firefighters and EMS providers in Cromwell and around the world.

This year's awards were presented as follows:

Member of the Year

  • Sean J. Angus

Lifetime Achievement Award    

  • Edward Russell Brainerd

50 Years of Service    

  • Edward Clapp
  • Donald Swanson

25 Years of Service    

  • Douglas Logan

20 Years of Service    

  • David Jahn

15 Years of Service    

  • Dorthy Meerbach
  • Elain Jones

10 Years of Service    

  • Cheryl Regan

5 Years of Service    

  • Sarah Chaffee

Cromwell Fire Department EMS Responder of the Year 2004 

This award is presented to Eric Bennett for his excellence in service and dedication to the Cromwell Fire Department and most of all the entire well being of the Town of Cromwell.  Thank you and congratulations for receiving this recognition.

Cromwell Fire Department Club 500

EMS personnel who have logged more than 500 hours of service to the community.  Thank you and Congratulations

1854 hours    

  • Eric Bennett

664.5 hours    

  • Craig Murphy

500+ hours    

  • Ed Clapp
  • Donna Cote
  • Bill Clare

400+ hours    

  • Jay Landry
  • Sarah Chaffee

300+ hours    

  • Nancy Rebstock
  • Ken Allen
  • Gabrielle Rollf 
  • Dot Meerbach
  • Bob Johnson
  • David Boyce
  • Bob Parker
  • Shon Hatcher
  • Irene Childs

Cromwell Fire Department top 6 EMS Responders


  • Eric Bennett


  • Bob Johnson


  • Sarah Chaffee & Craig Murphy


  • Ed Clapp

Certificate of Excellence for Teamwork

The Certificate of Excellence for Teamwork represents the best example of teamwork among members of the response team which leads to great benefit for the patient.  When fire/rescue, EMS, advanced life support, and the trauma system work well together, lives are saved.
The 2002 Certificate of Excellence for Teamwork was an MVA was reported at 15:49 on a hot afternoon on May 6, 2002 in front of the Cromwell Funeral Home at Main St. and Evergreen Rd.  After hitting a tree at a high rate of speed with his vehicle, the patient had been ejected from his vehicle. First responders quickly identified him as a Life Member of the fire department.  The Hunter’s crew of Brian Perillo and Dorothy Leonuik, along with Middlesex Medic Scott Ingraham transported the patient.

Personnel on scene included:

Elaine Jones
Eric Bennett
Ed Clapp
Steve Czajka
Jim Frazer
Todd Gagnon
Joe Goodrich
David Jahn
Erin Chaffee

Bob Johnson
Russ Johnson
Jim Jones
Chris Logan
Doug Logan
Dick Loza
Bill McKnight
Steve Pendl

Don Quick
Jeremy Reneson
Bob Rich
Frank Seidl
Ben Sonstrom
Don Swanson
Mike Wolf
Rob Zajac

The second significant call that proved we have excellent teamwork within the department:

A fall victim was reported at Cromwell Hills Dr., a third floor apartment.  Upon arrival it was determined that the patient was morbidly obese and in medical distress, but assistance would be needed getting him down to the ground floor.  It was also determined that the condition of the apartment presented a health hazard and needed immediate attention.

Personnel on scene included:

Sean Angus
Elaine Jones
Eric Bennett
Sarah Chaffee
Joe Goodrich
Brett Hallden
Pam Harris

Bob Johnson
Jim Jones
Jay Landry
Doug Logan
Craig Murphy
Steve Pendl
Bob Rich

Gabrielle Rollf
Melissa Roming
Mike Ranieri
Frank Seidl
Don Vallera
Mike Wolf
Doug Zordan


Our community thanks you for your dedication!