CFD Honor Guard

In early 2006 a group of five firefighters from our department re-formed the honor guard and with little drill and ceremony training, assisted the department in parades and funerals.  Upon the completion of an intense National Honor Guard Academy training, some of the members re-worked the Funeral Policy and Procedures or contingency plan much like an Incident Command System.
The plan outlines the responsibilities for each stage of funeral planning and also offers suggestions and honors for the following:
     1.  Notification
     2.  Planning
     3.  Execution of Honors
     4.  Injury and Death Investigation
     5.  After Care


"Our goal is to represent all members of the Cromwell Fire Department in the highest degree of professionalism, dedication, honor and dignity possible."

The plan is devised to be implemented with the assistance of many members and not to overburden any one individual as this will be a very difficult time for the department and our extended family. The plan is broken down into the following groups and offers strategic assistance suggestions to incorporate it:  
    1.  Planning Group   
    2.  Logistics Group   
    3.  Viewing/Vigil Division   
    4.  Memorial Service Division   
    5.  Interment Division   
    6.  Reception Division   
    7.  Family Liaison   
    8.  Public Information Officer
A Personnel packet was also created to ensure all of our members would have the opportunity to express how they would like arrangements be made should they serve their final call.  Within this packet we address family needs, military, religious needs, and other areas of planning for each of our member’s unique and personal preferences.
In February of 2006, the Ceremonial Planning Committee formed to design and address funeral and ceremonial guidelines.  We also found most of our members were interested in being a part of the Honor Guard.  At each meeting we set time aside to review or prepare for upcoming details and hone our drill and ceremony skills or practice marching for parades.  Many of the movements we perform mimic the military in command and performance.  Our members take great effort in caring for and wearing our uniform.  We hold each other accountable for presentation to the highest standard and take pride in our attention to detail as it autographs our hard work.
Our goal is to represent all members of the Cromwell Fire Department in the highest degree of professionalism, dedication, honor and dignity possible.  We strive to respect all Public Service members in life, as well as death, and the exhibit the best possible image to the entire community.  In addition to funerals and memorial services the honor guard may be called upon to post colors at events, march in parades, represent the Town or Department at various social functions, and in honoring and assisting other departments.  At times we have even been requested to assist other families during a time of need and stand guard at funeral homes and hospitals.
The Honor Guard represents the Cromwell Fire Dept. at funerals, memorial services, and any other function authorized/requested by the Chief of the department or his designee.  Requests should be made through the Chief’s Office at (860)635-6155.