2007 CFD Awards Banquet

The Court Yard Marriot put on a delicious buffet for the assembled members and guests.  Bartolotta's Florist provided complimentary corsages for the ladies, and DJ from Music +  provided the evening's music. Banquet Coordinators Dick Loza and Doug Logan and their committee planned an enjoyable and memorable celebration.

Past Chief and current Fire District Commissioner Don Swanson offered a moving prayer of thanks for firefighters and EMS providers in Cromwell and around the world.

This year's awards were presented as follows:

Member of the Year

  •  Jeff Tobias

30 Years of Service    

  • David Colligan

25 Years of Service    

  • James Bellamo

20 Years of Service   

  •  Joleen Angus

15 Years of Service    

  • Stephen Czajka
  • Michael Jacobs

10 Years of Service    

  • Sean Angus
  • Ken Allen
  • Kevin Janicke

5 Years of Service   

  •  Eric Bennett
  • Robert Rich
  • Linda Walker  
  • Robert Walker

Honorees for the evening

From the Rare Reminder Kristen Turick and her Fiance Christopher has ran our ad to help recruit new members for no cost.

On behalf of First Line Emergency Services Art Gagne and his wife Nancy donated time and material to help restore engine 5.

The Slifer Brothers from Brothers Auto Body here in Cromwell donated the time to Paint FP Bus.
Brian and Wife Melissa
Kevin and Wife Beth
Michael and Wife Jennifer

On Behalf of Gary’s Auto Paint and Supply Joe Cameron and Wife Christine donated some of the paint for the FP bus.

Jean Nash reupholstered the seats in Engine 5

Honorees that could not be present, but they will be receiving a plaque for their generosity to our Department and Town.

Dattco Bus Company - Nick Gwiazda let us use the Paint booth.

 Valley Glass - Mike Lenardo Donated the glass for Engine 5

Our community thanks you for your dedication!