2008 CFD Awards Banquet

The Court Yard Marriot put on a delicious buffet for the assembled members and guests.  Bartolotta's Florist provided complimentary corsages for the ladies, the Auxiliary did an awesome job with 80th Anniversary glasses, and DJ from Music +  provided the evening's music. Banquet Coordinators Dick Loza and Doug Logan and their committee planned an enjoyable and memorable celebration.

The evening started with the Cromwell Fire Department Color Guard being lead in my the CT Pipes & Drums.

Past Chief and current Fire District Commissioner Don Swanson offered a moving prayer of thanks for firefighters and EMS providers both present and deceased in Cromwell and around the world.

This year's awards were presented as follows:

Member of the Year

  • Jeremy Reneson

Life Time Achievement Award    

  • Ken Going

45 Years of Service    

  • Ken Going

30 Years of Service    

  • Russ Johnson

20 Years of Service    

  • Bill Clare
  • Jim Jones
  • Don Quick

15 Years of Service    

  • William McKnight

10 Years of Service   

  • Shon Hatcher
  • Mark Langton
  • Craig Murphy
  • Stephen Pendl
  • Bob Barone

5 Years of Service    

  • Rick Dryburgh
  • Steve Phillips
  • Mike Salonia
  • DJ Zordan
  • Kim Reneson
  • Nicole Phillips

Honorees for the evening

We would like to honor two members of the Cromwell Police Dept. who recently retired:

 Retired Officer Brian McGuinness, escorted by Kathleen
Retired Officer Patrick Ahlquist, escorted by his wife Joan 

The last award is our Special Civic Duty award, which is presented to a member of the public, who is unrelated to the Cromwell Fire Department, who did an outstanding service during an emergency.  The award this year goes to a very young resident of Cromwell.

Jodi Acampora –Dad
Brenda Acampora-Mom
Nicholas Acampora

On June 30, 2007 at approximately 6:45 p.m., Dispatcher Christopher Bellamo received a 911 call from 641 Main St.  Benjamin Acamporo, age 8 years old, assisted his Dad to report that his brother Nicholas, age 3 was having a seizure.  While their Dad, Jody was tending to Nicholas, Benjamin stayed on the phone line to report any updates.  Benjamin also assisted his Dad in keeping his brother calm by holding his hand and reassuring him.  Upon arrival of the EMS personnel, Benjamin was very helpful in relating information and events that had occurred.

We understand that Benjamin has said that he is very proud to have helped, that we were very knowledgeable, and he referred to us as heroes.  From our point of view, Benjamin is the hero who helped save his brother.

Personnel on scene included:

Gorman Gagnon
Jason Basora
Ashley Tucker
Candra Loza
DJ Zordan
Dick Loza

Our community thanks you for your dedication!