2009 CFD Awards Banquet

The Court Yard Marriot put on a delicious buffet for the assembled members and guests.  Bartolotta's Florist provided complimentary corsages for the ladies, the Auxiliary did an awesome job with 81th Anniversary shot glasses, and our own Dispatcher Justin provided the evening's music. Banquet Coordinators Dick Loza and Doug Logan and their committee planned an enjoyable and memorable celebration.

Past Chief and current Fire District Commissioner Don Swanson offered a moving prayer of thanks for firefighters and EMS providers both present and deceased in Cromwell and around the world.

This year's awards were presented as follows:

Member of the Year

  • William Clare
  • DJ Zordan

Challenge Coin Award    

  • Jim Jones
  • Donald Swanson
  • Tammy Perron
  • Robert McIntyre
  • Douglas Logan
  • Melissa Roming
  • Heather Deming
  • Neal Perron
  • James Frazer

Special Achievement Award    

  • Kim Zordan
  • Robert Donohue

Edward A. Clapp Outstanding EMS Service Award    

  • Mike Brown
  • William Mcknight
  • Roger Thompson
  • Jason Walton
  • Cromwell Police Officer Matt McCarter
  • Mr. Richard Davy

15 Years of Service    

  • Jeremy Reneson
  • Victor Rollka III

10 Years of Service    

  • Robert Johnson

5 Years of Service  

  • Jennifer Barbieri
  • Nicole LaTerra

Honorees for the evening

The last award is our Special Civic Duty award, which is presented to a member of the public, who is unrelated to the Cromwell Fire Department, who did an outstanding service during an emergency.  The award this year goes to a very young resident of Cromwell.

Cromwell Police Officer Matt McCarter
Mr. Richard Davy

On September 20, 2008 at approximately 12:20 p.m., Dispatcher Heather Deming received a 911 call from 6 Progress Drive at the New England Athletic Club.  A club member was using a piece of exercise equipment, stepped off, and fell to the ground.   He was in cardiac arrest.  CPR was started by two Middletown police officers that happened to be at the facility on their own time; an AED was used to shock the patient one time.  Cromwell Police Officer Matt McCarter arrived on scene to assist.  Cromwell EMS arrived on scene to find the patient with a pulse, and breathing with assistance.  He was immediately transported, along with the Hunter’s medic, to Middlesex Hospital.  By the time they arrived at the hospital the patient was breathing on his own.  He has since made a full recovery.  Mr. Richard Davy from Kensington is here with us tonight.

 I would like to award the special “CPR Save” pins to:

Cromwell Police Department Officer Matt McCarty

CFD Personnel on scene included:

Jesse Atwell
Neal Perron
Christopher Bellamo
Jennifer Barbieri
Stephen Pendl
Samuel Grodman

Our community thanks you for your dedication!