2011 CFD Awards Banquet

The Court Yard Marriot put on a delicious buffet for the assembled members and guests.  Bartolotta's Florist provided complimentary corsages for the ladies.

Past Chief and current Fire District Commissioner Don Swanson offered a moving prayer of thanks for firefighters and EMS providers both present and deceased in Cromwell and around the world.

A moment of silence was held for fallen firefighters and past memebers.

Special Guests
Richard Bishop, William Bishop, & Daniel Bishop
Ed and Ann Bartolotta - Bartolotta Florist - for the flowers

This year's awards were presented as follows:

Member of the Year 

  • Laurel Dezieck

Challenge Coin Award    

  • Fred Curtin
  • Mark Langton
  • Craig Murphy
  • Buddy Spada 
  • Chief Quick
  • Chief Bellamo

45 Years of Service    

  • James Frazer

40 Years of Service    

  • Richard Loza

30 Years of Service    

  • Frank Seidl, Jr.

20 Years of Service    

  • Frank Darius Sr.

15 Years of Service  

  • Chris Logan
  • Paul Bennett

10 Years of Service   

  •  Melissa Roming

5 Years of Service   

  •  Jesse Atwell
  • Joseph Basilicato
  • Brett Hallden
  • William McKnight
  • Christopher Bellamo
  • Matthew Haywood
  • Brian Marren
  • Matthew Schumann
  • Roger Thompson
  • Jeff Tobias
  • Jason Walton
  • Jeanne Quick
  • Tammy Perron (2010)

Honorees for the evening

Each Year at this banquet, we make note of a significant call that touched members of our department during the previous year.  This year there were 3 calls that we all dread to hear, but the best possible outcome.  The last award for the "CPR Save" Award

CPR - Save:  April 23, 2010 18:35: Shon Hatcher, Jennifer Anderson, Pam Lewis, Bob Bonin, Jeff Tobias, Brian Marren, Jason Brade, Jason Walton
CPR - Save:  November 29, 2010 09:08: Jesse Atwell, Brett Hallden, Joseph Basilicato, Kyle Cunningham
CPR - Save: December 17, 2010 04:48: Ken Mucker, Rob McIntyre

Special "CPR Save" pin awards to:
Shon Hatcher, Jesse Atwell, Joseph Basilicato, Brett Hallden, William McKnight, Edward Urbansky, Jennifer Anderson, Jeff Tobias, Brian Marren, Jason Brade, Jason Walton, Ken Mucker, Rob McIntyre, Kyle Cunningham, William Gregorio, Jr.

Our community thanks you for your dedication!