Chiefs Welcome Speech

  In 2015 the Cromwell Fire Department responded to 2,532 calls for service.  Throughout the year we gained many new members, made new friends, and lost old acquaintance.  It takes a lot of time and support to continue this work and we couldn’t do what we do without the encouragement and support of our families.  Thank you to all of our family members and the family of the Cromwell Fire Department for all that you do.  The key to our many successes rests with our dedicated team and the high caliber that exemplify our values.  In 2016 the landscape will continue to grow presenting us with new challenges.  I am confident, working together, we can and will make the most of this opportunity to enhance the services we provide to the community.  I would like to extend my congratulations to all of this evenings award recipients.  Tonight’s honorees have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Your professionalism, dedication and commitment to public service is truly inspiring.  This is an evening to reflect on the differences you have made in the lives of the citizens from the Town of Cromwell and our department.


  •   Donald Swanson- Lifetime Achievement Award
    •          William Dilk
  •   Edward Clapp – Outstanding EMS Award
    •          Lieutenant Curt Anderson
    •          Lieutenant Jen Anderson
  •   Member of the Year
    •          Captain Jason Brade
  •   CPR Saves
    •          Dispatcher David Boyce, Dispatcher Ricard Loza, Dispatcher (Captain) Christopher Bellamo, Edir Abid, Lieutenant John Inghilterra, Jeremy Hiriak, William McKnight, Lieutenant John Murchinson, Lieutenant James Pandolfo, Richard Renstrom, Lieutenant Stephanie Webber, Collin Whalen (Former Career), Barry Wolmetz, Tatyana Vynar, Michael Zadrick
  •   40 Years of Service
    •          David Colligan
  •   35 Years of Service
    •          Douglas Logan
  •   20 Years of Service
    •          Christopher Logan
    •          Sean Angus
  •   10 Years of Service
    •          Captain Christopher Bellamo, Jason Walton, Gorman Gagnon
  •   5 Years of Service
    •          Lieutenant Curt Anderson, Lieutenant Michael Davis, Lieutenant Jason Hinners, PIO Jolie Hinners, Julius Neto, Samantha Slade, Lieutenant Stephanie Webber, Stephanie Varricchio

Dispatch / Communications:

  •             We would like to take a moment and recognize the team effort of our Communications Center staff for their hard work during yesterday’s Taskforce 51 activation to the Town of Wethersfield. As a group, they were able to efficiently coordinate numerous resources not only to the initial incident on Village Lane, but many additional requests for service in the coverage area.  Thank you for your hard work, support, and tireless efforts!