Cromwell Grenadiers

In 1972, the Cromwell Fire Department decided they needed a musical corps to compliment their marching in firemen parades.  Of the many types of corps available at the time, they chose to sponsor a corps open to children and teens only--a Junior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps, and the creation of the Cromwell Grenadiers.
The next task was to design a uniform--one unique but in keeping with the historic roots of fife and drums and American.  Because musical corps were so prevalent in the 70s, the founders of the Cromwell Grenadiers desired a uniquely different look than every other corps--one that might stand out as distinctive..........

"From 1754 to 1763 Europe and the Americas were caught up in a conflict between England and France.  In Europe this period was know as the Seven Years' War; in North America it came to be called the French and Indian War.  It was a conflict over trade and land.

"The English sent Crown Forces from England to fortify the colonies and fight the French and Indian invaders, but it was also necessary to recruit soldiers from the colonial population.

Men from local communities and nearby states were recruited to join ranger companies in the Hudson Valley campaign.  The New Hampshireman, Robert Rogers formed the most notable of these ranger companies", known locally as Rogers' Rangers.

"The Rangers wore distinctive green outfits and practiced tactics called "Rogers' Rules of Ranging," which the British considered unconventional.  Rogers hired men solely on merit and shocked regular commanders with his use of Indians and freed slaves.

"He trained his men in military arts such as small unit tactics and musket target practice (which the regular Crown command considered a waste of ammunition).  His military tactics were so bold and effective that his unit became the crown forces' chief scouting unit in the late 1750's".........

It was decided that Rogers' Rangers, a very effective and valued colonial scouting unit during the French & Indian War, would serve as a template for the Grenadiers' uniform.  With slight changes from the original, the Grenadiers wear a white shirt and black slacks under the traditional forest green tunic/waistcoat.  Instead of a Scottish bonnet, a traditional tri-cornered hat was chosen.

What a Grenadier Wears and Plays
White Dress Shirt -- some provided by corps
Black Socks
Black Shoes (Soles included)
Green Tunic -- provided by corps
Medal Sash -- provided by corps
Leggins -- provided by corps
Tri-Corner Hat -- provided by corps
Drums -- provided by corps
Drum Sticks and Fife -- purchased by Grenadier

2003 Northeastern Meet
     1st Place     Full Corps -- Concert Appearance

Massachusetts State Meet 2003
     2nd Place     Full Corps -- Musicality
     2nd Place     Full Corps -- Concert Appearance
     2nd Place     Duet: Carlson & Carlson
     Tied 3rd        Junior Ancient Female Solo: Rowe

Connecticut State Meet 2003
     1st Place     Quartet: Carlson,, Carlson, Rowe & Lanzon
     3rd Place     Duet: Rowe & Marozzi
     4th Place     Junior Ancient Female Solo: Rowe

Massachusetts State Meet 2003
     1st Place     Quartet: Carlson, Carson, Rowe & Bloomfield
     1st Place     Duet: Rowe & Bloomfield
     2nd Place    Junior Ancient Female Solo: Rowe

Connecticut State Meet 2002
     1st Place     Junior Anicent Bass Drum: Griffin
     2nd Place    Quartet: Carlson, Carlson, Grabek & Marozzi

Massachusetts State Meet 2001
     2nd Place    Quartet: Carlson, Carlson, Rowe & Bloomfield

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